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A few changes

By BinTech, March 20, 2017 0 BinTech-SGFTP, BinTech-SGW, News Update

The site has been updated a bit. IN and UK have been removed for now. They are out of commission it would appear. The S.G. FTP and new S.G. Web Server have been added to the list. These are now… Read More »

Network Chart, Server Updates & Hacking

By BinTech, February 17, 2017 0 News Update

A new network chart has been worked out to show the extend of the network. It will be updated and improved when time allows it. The UK and IN servers are now marked as offline as they are no longer… Read More »

WP SSL & Image Fixes

By BinTech, October 9, 2016 0 News Update

Recent WordPress updates broke something, making handling of media, including images, faulty. A few changes and tweaks have been made. Hopefully all is working as intended now. If not, don’t hesitate to report it as soon as possible.